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Connect with your ideal audience, foster leads, and build a strong presence among micro and small-cap investors in both Canadian and US markets.

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Connect directly with a highly targeted market of micro and small-cap investors actively seeking high growth stocks. Our platform enables you to reach an audience that is eager to discover new investment opportunities.

Generate leads

Our advertising solutions are designed to help you generate quality leads. By leveraging our full-stack digital media solutions, newsletter placements, and sponsored articles, you can capture the attention of potential investors and direct them to your company’s offerings.

Early Investor Engagement

Position your company as an attractive opportunity for early investors. Our investors are specifically interested in high growth stocks, providing you with a receptive audience that recognizes the potential of getting in on the ground floor.

North American Reach

With our focus on the Canadian and US markets, you can rest assured that your advertising efforts will be precisely targeted to investors based in North America. Maximize your visibility and engagement within your primary market.




Take advantage of our comprehensive digital advertising options, including display ads, video ads, and interactive banners. We leverage cutting-edge targeting technologies to ensure your message reaches the right investors at the right time.



Feature your company in our high-quality newsletters sent directly to our subscribers’ inboxes. Benefit from the credibility and engagement of our trusted brand to effectively convey your investment opportunities.


articles and alerts

Amplify your reach with sponsored articles that showcase your company’s story, achievements, and potential. Additionally, leverage our email and SMS alerts to deliver timely updates to a dedicated subscriber base actively seeking investment insights.

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